Pacific Pointe “Senior” Apartments 

At Pacific Pointe, our goals & values are tailored to individuals 55+. We are proud to offer independent living that focuses on building a warm community and a fun, active lifestyle. 

We’re here to help you celebrate your best years!
Why 55+?

Because Pacific Pointe Senior Apartments are a great place to downsize, simplify and maximize your lifestyle.
(The “baby boomers”, born between 1946 and 1964, this generation will be 78 million strong by the year 2030!)
Our Community is specially designed for Baby Boomers, to give those that are downsizing (for whatever reason) a well-designed, affordable rental option right in the heart of the San Diego region, in the proud community of Chula Vista. Pacific Pointe residents want to stay connected with their kids, families and communities, but they also want a fantastic home where they can kick back and relax. One of the biggest priorities in designing apartments to fit a  dynamic lifestyle is enabling residents to age in place. While the term 55+ is just a concept, and we always make exceptions, it is important to realize that our apartment living makes life easier for active adults of all ages.
Chula Vista Senior Apartment 55+